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The story behind every successful business starts with an idea. And someone who made transferred that idea into the reality.

The story of TheAsiaMedia started with the idea of Lester Boey, an industry veteran and the founder of My Kind of Place (MKOP), a clubbing portal in Singapore, operating from 2006 to 2010. Mister Boey was also known to be a concept consultant to Lava Bar,Taj Chandigarh Hotel by Taj Hotels and Resorts, the largest hotel chain in India, and P9K ,China’s largest wine retail chain.

Being invited by the media department of World Expo Shanghai 2010, he launched a new online platform and closed-door events in Shanghai. However, his journey did not stop there. Instead he as conceptualized and organized the first ever island-wise Asahi beer campaign in 2010 in Singapore which helped them undertook several consultancy roles for Japanese brands in Singapore from restaurants to events and others.

The founder of TheAsiaMedia is also constantly invited by local stakeholders to assist in various events and nightclub parties, something that he does perfectly. Lester’s specialty lies in brand partnership amongst renowned brands which is the main concept of TheAsiaMedia.

Every brand has a goal, ours is to reach the top in this field and master it to an excellence.

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