Canella Bellini Tasting

Originated in Venice, Italy, Canella Bellini cocktail is a mixture of Prosecco sparkling wine and white peach. A product introduction event was held at BWB | burger VS wings + bar for both Trade and Media.

Services include event management, public relations and online publicity.

Choya ‘For Ladies Only’

CHOYA is the biggest producer of Umeshu in the world and its mission is to produce & promote the finest Umeshu, made with only natural ingredients. Choya ‘For Ladies Only’ concept.

Services include concept creation for Choya ‘For Ladies Only’, event management and online publicity.

Yomeishu & Me

Yomeishu is a traditional herbal liqueur which was born and raised in Japan. In April 2015, ‘Yomeishu & Me’ concept was launched to promote to younger generation for a healthier lifestyle.

Services include concept creation for ‘Yomeishu & Me’ campaign, online branding, publicity and bloggers’ engagement.

Gyu-Kaku New Menu Launch

Popular Japanese Yakiniku (barbeque) chain Gyu-Kaku has recently launched a new menu on 23 March 2015 offering Kuroge Wagyu beef directly imported from Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan.

Services includes collaboration with Japan PR Agency for media tasting and publicity.

Shanghai 3M Purification

Shanghai 3M (Purification) has been producing quality purified water systems to residential and commercial consumers and they will continuing to explore newer products to cater for the growing demands.

Services include in collaboration with Shanghai Uniquos to conduct brainstorming session and case study for water purification products.

Shanghai Uniquos

The safety of drinking water is a growing concern around the world. Shanghai Uniquos Co., Ltd. has entered into Chinese water purifier market with its brand Uniquos.

Services includes building a business model, brand partnership with purification factories in China, Marketing and Sales strategies in China and S.E.A countries.

Machicon 2015, Kuala Lumpur

Publika is a creative mall situated in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and has attracted many local PMEBs and expatriates for dining and shopping. In mid 2015, the mall will be hosting the first Machicon event in Malaysia.

Services include brainstorming session, case study to target shoppers and event consultancy.

Masumi Sake Media Tasting

Brewed in the city of Suwa in Nanago Prefecture, Japan, Masumi is one of the great names of the sake world, admired throughout Japan for its authenticity and creative imagination.

Services includes PR campaign, media tasting event and launching of Masumi Dining Experience.

Uniquos Purification, Singapore

Uniquos is a new brand of water purifier from Singapore that remove contaminants and leave healthy minerals intact. Uniquos produces portable Water purifier for home, Dispenser and Pitcher.

Services include brand consultancy and Sales & Marketing strategies in China, India and S.E.A countries.

Hai Japan はい日本

Hai Japan is an online publication for all-things Japanese in Singapore which cover an all-encompassing variety of news about the Japanese-related happenings in Singapore and Asia: from food, entertainment, nightlife, arts, lifestyle, fashion to events, technology to automobile and more!

A product of TheAsiaMedia Pte Ltd.


Nutsu Wasabi Peanuts

Nutsu Wasabi Peanuts… Perfect with a beeru. The UK brand, Nutsu, was launched in Singapore in April 2014. Nutsu was conceived as a Japanese themed brand and Nutsu is essentially Japanese for Nuts. Since its inception in 2013, the Nutsu brand has been well-received in 300 bars and pubs across London and the UK, and is popular amongst tipplers as a unique accompaniment with beer.

Services include PR, brand & marketing strategies and social media administration in Singapore.

Smoke House Charcoal BBQ

First of its kind in Singapore, SMOKEHOUSE is a retail and self-service dine-in Japanese BBQ concept restaurant for serious meat lovers. The brand new dining-cum-retail concept is located at Great World City mall.

Our services include PR and social media administration.

Asahi Beer National wide campaign 2013

Asahi Beer launched islandwide National Campaign Promotion (NCP) in Singapore featuring limited edition Lucky Cats in Porcelain and PVC key chain in major participating supermarket and hyper-marts.

PR and Marketing, Facebook administration and creativity.

Suntory (Whisky) Yakuta Night

Suntory hosted its first event at Sumiya Charcoal Grill Izakaya introducing Japan ‘Popular’ Kaku highballs (mixture of Suntory whisky and soda). As today, Kaku Highball has remains one of the sellable beverages at Sumiya Charcoal Grill Izakaya restaurant.

Our services include brand partnership, event consultancy and management and Public Relations.

China Factories Rebranding Projects

We had successfully rebranding and created strategies for several factories in China to reach out their products and services to International direct buyers or clients such as Smirnoff, Red bull, Bacardi, Grey Goose and many more. Some of the factories include Shenzhen Lifmei Acrylic Products Co.,Ltd., Shenzhen Xinzhou Craft Co., Ltd. and others.

Our services include Rebranding, Public Relations, Marketing strategies.

Sumiya Charcoal Grill Izakaya

Sumiya prides itself on selecting quality ingredients grilled over charcoal fire for the most toothsome and original taste. The Japanese restaurant is located at 181 Orchard Road, Orchard Central, #12-02.

Our services include Public Relations, Marketing strategies, Facebook administration and event management.

Machicon 街コン Singapore

Machicon is a large-scale dating event originated from Japan in 2004 that allows male and female participants to meet and dine at the same time. TheAsiaMedia had co-partnered with Japanese company, FOODRINK Group Co.,Ltd., to host a series of Machicon in Singapore with the objective of ‘Love Meeting New People’.

Our services include co-organising, Public Relations, Marketing strategies and Facebook administration.

Bombay Sapphire Blue Room

Bombay Sapphire brings its Blue Room experience out of U.K for the first time, with a month-long exhibition in Singapore held at dblO O Art Space. A limited edition crystal bottle commemorating Bombay Sapphire’s 250th anniversary will be displayed at the Blue Room.

Our services include Public Relations, Marketing strategies and Facebook administration.

POSM and GWP Strategies

We had introduced new procurement programmes that help several clients with direct factories in provision of Point-of-Sales-Material (POSM) and Gift-with-Purchases (GWP) which help companies save thousands to millions of money. Companies include Bacardi & Company Limited (USA), Bacardi-Martini Asia Pacific Ltd (Hong Kong) and others.

Our services include introducing new procurement programmes, factories rebranding and brand consultancy.

Magic Shop Singapore

Magic Shop is Taiwan’s leading cosmetic skin care brand founded in 1999 and retail a wide range of cosmetics and skin care products. The first Magic Shop retail store was opened in in Singapore in 2011.

Our services include Public Relations, Brand strategies and Facebook administration.

Tommy Hilfiger Loud

Let’s get loud! Tommy Hilfiger launched Loud, a new duo of fragrances for young men and women, primarily aimed at Gen-Y users. British rock group ‘The Ting Tings’ had produced the theme song ‘We’re Not The Same’ exclusively for the launch and promotion of Tommy Hilfiger’s fragrance.

Our services include BTL marketing, ground activation and facebook administration.

Heavy Water Vodka + Armani Exchange

Heavy Water vodka is made from the finest Scandinavian winter wheat and the purest Swedish water. The vodka was officially launched in 2010 in collaboration with the opening launch of Armani Exchange store at Marina Bay Sands.

Our services include brand partnership and Public Relations.

Discover Asahi (NCP 2010)

The ever first Asahi Beer National Campaign Promotion (NCP) was held in Singapore in 2010. The ‘Discover Asahi’ campaign involved a series of Asahi parties in clubs and bars and a 3-month sales promotions at major participating supermarkets and hyper-marts. At the end of campaign, three pairs of lucky winners walked away with complimentary 5d4n trips to Osaka, Japan.

Our services include campaign organising, creator of Discover Asahi parties, Public Relations, Event consultancy and Facebook administration.

Hooper’s Hooch Alcopop Relaunch

Hooper’s Hooch (commonly known as Hooch) is an alcopop that was most popular during the mid-1990s in bars and clubs. In 2010, the drinks were relaunched in Singapore with new look and campaign.

Our services include organising Hooch’s parties, Public Relations and Event consultancy.

Puma Ocean Racing Party

The United States team Puma Ocean Racing (The Volvo Ocean Race) made a stopover in Singapore with an event hosted at the popular mobile pop-up bar, AQUA by Grandstand.

Our services include brand partnership and event consultancy.

CÎROC Vodka Party

CÎROC Vodka is a prestigious ultra-premium vodka that is perfect for all stylish occasions. A exclusive CÎROC Vodka party was hosted at AQUA by Grandstand for VIPs and guests.

Our services include event consultancy.

GCA Games Convention Asia 2009

GCA Games Convention Asia which is organised by German company, LMI GmbH, is a major video game exhibition in Singapore that consists of public exhibition and business conference. TheAsiaMedia team was invited to organise the Official Opening Reception and Closing event for trade.

Our services include event consultancy for Opening reception and Closing event.

Aramis & Designer Fragrances (ADF) Christmas Wishes

The Aramis & Designer Fragrances (ADF) in Singapore, a division of The Estée Lauder Companies, had launched a Christmas catalogue in 2008 for Aramis, Donna Karen, DKNY, Tommy Hilfiger, Lab Series and Michael Kors.

Our services include Public Relations and creation of online catalogue.

Pravda Vodka White Party

The Ultra Premium vodka from Poland is the smoothest, finest vodka ever produced. A white-themed party was hosted at eM Studio located at the Gallery Hotel for the first time in Singapore with over 200 exclusive attendees were invited.

Our services include party organising and Public Relations.

Choya Cocktails and Parties

Choya Umeshu launched new concoction ‘Choya Maritni’ that targets bar and club goers in collaboration with TheAsiaMedia. Following the new cocktail, a series of Choya parties were hosted from 2008 to 2010.

Our services include brand partnerships, organising Choya parties, Public Relations and event consultancy.

DKNY Delicious Night Fragrances

DKNY Delicious Night was launched in 2008 during Singapore first grand prix period. Five Delicious Night parties were hosted and the fragrance also launched its publicity campaign with more than 25 nightspots.

Our services include creating Delicious Night parties, Marketing strategies, Public Relations and Event consultancy.

mkop Re:Launch Party

In celebration of its 3 Year anniversary and a newly revamped website, mkop hosted to more than 800 party goers at Powerhouse @ St. James Power Station. The celebration party was supported by Radio station, 98.7FM, in airing the events for two weeks and widely recognised fashion channel, Fashion TV (FTV), in covering the party.

A product of The Asia Media from 2005 to 2010.

Aramis & Designer Fragrances (ADF) Christmas Potion

The Aramis & Designer Fragrances (ADF) in Singapore, a division of The Estée Lauder Companies, had launched an online catalogue in 2007 for their Christmas promotion include Aramis, Donna Karen, DKNY, Tommy Hilfiger, Lab Series and Michael Kors.

Our services include Public Relations and creationg of online catalogue.

My Kind of Place (mkop) Clubbing Portal

My Kind of Place (mkop) is one of the successful clubbing portals in Singapore during 2006 and 2010. The portal not only feature up-and-coming events listing and parties photos, it also host a series of parties at major clubs and bar in Singapore and regional countries.

A product of The Asia Media from 2005 to 2009.

Wah Taj! Lights to come from Singapore

The bar in the premier luxury hotel, called Lava Bar, is the first in Asia (and the lights are installed only in apart from here), to utilise Lava lights in its decor. Reminiscent of the retro age, the lights have specially been brought from Singapore by Lester Boey.

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