"Using the news to carry positive stories about your company or your products"

"Cultivating a good relationship with media including papers, magazines and online"

Public Relations

Public Relations is another crucial element of an successful brand. Our goal with this service is to promote companies or individuals via editorial courage. The point is to promoting clients and show the public how successful, honest, exciting, relevant or important their brand is.

This service is consisted by distributing press releases, speech writing, implying crisis public relations strategies, expansion of business contacts and much more.

  • Public Relation Plan 80%
  • Press release & Fact sheet 50%
  • Media Pitching & Reporting 75%
  • Media Events & Launches 75%
  • Social Media & Online Presence 60%

What we are offering:

We provides the professionalism, strategic thinking and experience to execute a range of public relations services supporting all our clients.

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